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Perforated Metal Machine

Perforated metal machine is demanded for its unmatched build quality and user-friendly design. It is resistant to rust, wear and corrosion. Perforated metal machine produces metal sheets. Our offering comes in different specifications and designs.

Expanded Metal Machine

Expanded metal machine is a device used to expand metal and is built in accordance with industry requirements. Spare components for the machine are easily available on the market at reasonable prices in order to guarantee that the machine's long-term costs are kept to a minimum.

Flattening Machine

Flattening machine has open ended design concept that enhances user-machine interaction and facilitates maintenance. It is renowned for its simplicity of use. The machine's service life is greatly increased because it is constructed with high-quality, rust- and wear-resistant components.

Cable Tray Punching Machine

Without cable trays, the bulk cables and wires cannot be installed and secured securely. Our organisation is therefore developing mechanical, cable tray punching machines to produce the necessary component for the electrical industry. These machines are built in compact designs, which makes installation incredibly easy and quick.

DJ Grill Punching Machine

DJ grill punching machine is a fairly common piece of equipment in the advertising, electronics, and other industries. The manual power press machine might be considered the monarch of all press machines. DJ grill punching machine is robust in construction and durable.

Ceiling Panel Punching Machine

Ceiling panel punching machine make holes in ceiling panels. It is a flexible tool that may be used to punch holes in many different types of materials, such as plasterboard, plywood, and sheet metal. The device is simple to use and can make holes of different sizes.

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